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Now that you are financially prepared to buy your new home, get out there and find your favorite Northridge home.

2.1 Choose Your Home/Lot Package

Because most of our floorplans are custom built around each lot, we have a widevariety of home styles to choose from. Many times you can walk thru ten or more different plans in a single day.

Create/Customize Your Floor Plan
If we don't have a home finished or under construction that fits your needs, at Northridge, you have the ability to customize a floor plan to suit your needs. We have a talented staff that can make minor changes to existing plans or we can create one around your design criteria. Once we get the plan you want, we can find the available lots that the home will fit on.


Find the Perfect Building Site
If you would rather decide where you want to live first, you can choose a lot that will fit your needs and you can choose from hundreds of our floor plans that will fit on the building site. If we can't find one that is suitable, we can custom design one without charge.

2.2 Drawing up the Contract

Now that you've found your home, we can draw up the sales agreement or build contract. On a home that is not finished, we can discuss features you would like in the home and negotiate the sales price.

Earnest Money Agreement
If the home is finished or near completion, we will use a standard real estate earnest money or sales agreement, the same general form used by Realtors throughout the state of Oregon . The down payment is usually 1% of the purchase price of the home.


Construction Contract
If you come in at the early stage of construction or plan a home build from the ground up, we would draw up a construction contract that details the terms & specifications of the home to be built. Because many custom selections are made that may or may not be a standard Northridge selection and could result in additional costs to make the home marketable if the agreement was to fall through, we take 2% down on all construction contracts.

2.3 Securing Financing

With your earnest money agreement or build contract in-hand along with your "green file" , you can arrange for financing of your new home. If you don't already have one,we can recommend a few mortgage brokers that can get you the best rates and make the experience of purchasing a new home almost effortless on your end.
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