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If you have found a finished home that fits your needs, congratulations!, you are almost ready to move in. If not, you will have the opportunity to make customized selections throughout your home. Depending upon the level of completion of your home, you will have various decisions to make regarding cabinets, countertops, flooring, and much more.

3.1 Personalize Your Home

With Northridge, you are given the opportunity to make almost any change you want. You want hardwood flooring, no problem. You want larger windows, a bigger back patio, and upgraded appliances, no problem. The only restriction is that all selections must be made by the time trusses for the roof are on. This is in the early stages of construction and allows us plenty of time to schedule the necessary contractors to get the job done without delay. Doors, Windows, and other structural changes need to be on the building plan when they are submitted for approval to the city.

3.2 Upgrade Costs

Unless specified in the build contract, all upgrades will be paid for before they are installed, or you can account for them with the earnest money deposit. Anything above the down-payment amount will be the responsibility of the home-buyer.

3.3 Allowances/Overages

Within the build contract you will be given allowances for certain selections since there are so many choices. These include lighting, flooring, and appliances. If you have other customized selections we may need time to get pricing put together and calculate the allowance for each change. The costs associated with each change can be accounted for in the build contract and negotiated in the price of your home, or you can pay for the upgrades upon installation.


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